March 2002

ManufacturerType Equipment
AdvantestT3347memory tester
DiscoDFD 651wafer saw, 2 spindles, 1998, excellent condition
ESEC2008 D168die bonder, YOM 2000
ESEC3088 W133wire bonder, YOM 2000, fully automatic
GenradGR228liboard tester, in-circuit, 9 Combo II = 1152 pins
GenradGR228x SeriesCombo I and II boards for testers
HPHP93000 P1000digital boards with 16 channels, 17x at meg Seq Mem and 14 meg Vector Mem, 17 x at 28 meg Vector Mem
Karl SussPA-200analytical prober, up to 8″
Schlumberger745test systems
TeradyneJ971memory tester, 1999
TeradyneZ18XX Seriesboard test systems, in-circuit, custom made
VerteqGoldfingerMegasonic wafer cleaner, YOM 2000, wafer size: 200 mm
Universal6346 Rad IIradial inserter
Universal6360D Rad Vradial inserter
Universal6369E, triple spanradial inserter, RAD V, 1997, in line, 2.5/5.0/7.5 mm pitch, 20 stations, CE approved
ZevatechFS-710SMD assembly machine
Zevatech730SMD placement
ZevatechPPM-9SMD machine, left to right conveyor, mechanical centring for chips, Vision centring for bigger components, many feeders
ZevatechPlace Mat 460SMD placement machine, latest German English software, QFP’s, 0.6 mm pitch, w. feeders, trayholder, beamsensor
ZevatechPlace Mat 560SMD placement machine w. leadframe transport