Twentech is a Sales Office and Representative for the following brands:

SMD-stencils Stencils for screenprinters made by Becktronic
DIE BONDERS Eutectic die bonders, precision die bonders, semi automatic die bonders, adhesive die bonders and microtensile testers. Manufactured by Cammax Precima Ltd.
For GenRad users: IMPORTANT ! REVIVER® Pentium PC replacement for PDP11 computer in GenRad, Teradyne, Tektronix, Lorlin test systems.
Ask for Reviver information. REVIVER is a trademark of Comware Technical Services.
ESMT Programming toolkit for Fuji SMT machines Replaces the MCS computer. Controls up to 8 machines. Runs on a standard PC using Windows NT or Windows 2000. Can edit exisiting programs. Manufactured by ESMT.
DTS II Upgrade a PC based CPU for the DTS test systems manufactured by Motorola. This CPU will replace the existing outdated VME controller that is now used on all DTS testers.
Teradyne in-circuit test systems Any configuration possible. Sale & rental.
QUANTUM STARTER PACKS screenprinter + assembly workstation + reflow oven for manual SMD production – 800 components/hour
manufactured by UNIFAB ELECTRONICS.