April 2002

ManufacturerType Equipment
DEK245, 249, 260, 265screenprinters, refurbished, with/without vision, 6 month warranty
DEK249screenprinter, 431 x 431 mm
DEK260screenprinter, 508 x 508 mm with vision
DEK265GSscreenprinter, in-line, vision camera, wet & dry cleaning, no vacuum cleaning
DEK265GSXscreenprinter, understencil vacuum cleaner, auto paste dispense, 2D vision
DEKInfinityscreenprinter, high speed, 558 x 558 mm
EKRAE1camera system
EKRAE5screenprinter with vision
GenradGR2284itest system, with 10 Combo II cards (1280 points), ICA, AFTM
HeebInoplacerSMT assembly lne:
EKRA Mat S50 screenprinter
Inoplacer wth laser centring
Inotec reflow oven
MPMAP25, AP25HIscreenprinters, in-line, full vision, 2D inspection, vacuum wet cleaning
SiemensMS90SMT assembly line:
DEK 265GS wth full vision
Siemens MS90 with full vision
Ersa Hotflow 3, full convection
Siemens80S15SMT placement machine, 0402 to 18 x 18 mm
Siemens80S20 SiplaceSMD placement machine, with 2 x 12 revolver head, with board & component vision, feeders available
SiemensMS128SMD placement machine with board & component vision
Universal6369E, triple spanradial inserter, RAD V, 1997, in line, 2.5/5.0/7.5 mm pitch, 20 stations