February 2002

ManufacturerType Equipment
AdvantestT5581Hmemory tester with 2 testheads with each M6741 handlers
CanonPLA-501 FAmask aligner 4″, refurbished
DEK265GSXscreenprinter, 1997, dispenser, PWB tooling, 9′ blades, Vacuum Stencil Wiper, green camera (2di ready, just add software), pictures available
DimaOptimatSMD placement machine
8″ waferprobers
ElectrovertElectra GPwave soldering machine, bottom pre-heat, top convection heat, dual wave, air knife, 60 degree finger conveyor, CD-rom software manual, operator lcd/keyboard rolls down entire length of machine
FICOBriljant/100molding system, 1997, new & unused
HeebInoplacer ACSMD placement machine, 1997, w. laser centering, dispenser, data transformation software, industrial PC (Pentium)
Juki760SMD placement machine
MPMAP25 HIEscreenprinter, 1997, in-line, full vision, vacuum wet cleaning
PhilipsTopazfine pitch placer, 1997, 19.100 hours, software verson 1.31, top and bottom camera’s
Quad100MVscreen printer, 120″x20″(ID), dual camera color vision, touch screen panel, adjustable board fixture
Siemens80S20 SiplaceSMD placement machine, 1997, w. 2 x 12 fold revolver head, w. board & component Vision, feeders available
SimpropSimpropreflow oven, 3 zone’s
TeradyneZ1805board tester, in-circuit, w. ATB card, VP controller, RAB Relay Card, DeltaScan, WaveScan, 13 ea DR2 Driver/Receiver Card, DFP Programming Module
TeradyneZ18XX seriesin-circuit test systems, SALE, RENTAL, SUPPORT, SPARES, also Dr2A boards
UniversalMulti Mod IIInserter, dip, 0.3/0.6″ dip/socket, J11 controller
Universal2596Rsequencer, V2 or V3 controller, any number of stations
Universal6369Eradial inserter, RAD V, 1997, in line, 2.5/5.0/7.5 mm pitch, 20 stations, CE approved
ZevatechPPM-9SMD machine, left to right conveyor, mechanical centring for chips, Vision centring for bigger components, many feeders