June 2002 update

ManufacturerType Equipment
DEK265GSXScreenprinter 21″x 21″, Vision, pass through, underscreen cleaner
DEKInfinityScreeenprinter, 22″x22″, high speed printer
DIMAOptimatSMT placemat machine, 105 feeder positions, 2 cameras for component recognition, over 100 feeders
ERSAHotflow 7/03reflow oven, full convection, pin chain transport, center board support, width 100-480 mm, SMEMA interface, board lead-through control
ERSAEST 350wave soldering machine (single wave), 300 mm bench top, w. soldering tin, foam flux, w. carrier
EuroplacerEP 928SMT placement machine, 2 heads, vision
FujiIP3chip shooter
FujiMCS-30controller with 6 ports
FujiMCS-16Bline controller
Fuji feeders
HEEBInnoplacer ACSMD placement machine, w. laser centering, dispenser, data transformation software, industrial PC (Pentium)
PanasertMV2Cchip shooter
PanasertRH, RH6radial inserters
PhilipsGEM SapphireSMD-placement machine
Soltec6421wave soldering machine, w. pallet conveyor, 300 mm
Soltec6521CCwave soldering machine, chip wave, delta wave, nitrogen hood 50-400 mm, prehead: callrods, rotary drum fluxer, finger transport V-groove type, solder pot 780 kilo, 63/76, color blue
Soltec6567wave soldering machine, 400 mm, combi nitrowave system, approx. 780 kilo of tin
SoltecMS300wave soldering machine (single wave), 300 mm, bench top, w. 100 kilo of soldering tin, foam flux, w. carrier
Zevatech730, 740SMT placement machines w. laser centring
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