July 2002

ManufacturerType Equipment
BTUTRS14, TRS21Reflow oven
BTUParagon 150Reflow oven
Heller1800S, 1800W, 1800EXLReflow ovens
Mekko Technologies Reflow ovens
Simprop Electronic Labor reflow ovens
VitronicsSMR500, SMR522Reflow ovens
Agilent5DX Series 2X-ray inspection systems, bar code reader and multilink workstation
NicoletNXR-1525X-ray inspection system, detailed specification available
Fuji Feeders
Mydata Feeder magazines, all sizes
Philipsfor CSM84VFeeders, tape and reel
Universalfor GSMFeeders, mixed and multi-pitched
Zevatechfor 460, 560, 570 and 575Feeders, all sizes