January 2000

ElectrovertEuropak IIWave soldering system, Dual Wave, spray flux,400 mm wide, finger transport, nitrogen option possible.
Fluke Factron GenRad LTX3050B720,730,750 etc.GR228X etc.CP80,TS80 etc.Boards and parts for these test systems.  Combo II boards
Fuji TDK Siemens PanasonicCP3, CP4, IP3CX-4, CX-6HS-72, HS-180MV-2CFeeders and parts for these machines.
Luther & MaelzerLM 100/20Bare board tester with automatic test pin handler,SUN Workstation, over 40,000 test pins.
Manufacturing Automation, Inc.Placemax 3000Pick & Place starter’s machine, table top, fully automatic, demo machine, 3,500 comp/hour.
PhilipsCSM 84VCSM 84CSM 66SMD placement machines,With feeders and accessories,maintained and serviced by Philips.
SEHO8025-CWave soldering system, many accessories, manuals.
Soltec6547-3Reflow oven, 496 mm wide.
TeradyneZ1880-1ICT tester, 1024 DR-1 cards,Pentium PC Controller, Vector Processor
ThermcoUL-2604-08HS4 tube LPCVD furnace system for 6”and 8”wafers.Used during 11 months only.Modification to customer’s requirements and installation on site optional.
Universal2596A2596Sequencer 160 stationsSequencer 120 stations.Special price for combined purchase.
Universal6360ERadial sequencer/inserter for 2.5/5.0/7.5 mm components, 20 stations.Refurbished or “as-is”.
Universal6241AAxial inserter combo, 60 stations,J11 Controller,Board Error Control(BEC)
ZevatechPM570L SMD placement machine withLaser Lead Locator, Flex Program,Linear Bulk Feeder,40 feeders.Hours counter reads: 1,800.Inspected by OEM in January 2000.Special price: USD 35K
ZevatechFM740Flex MounterSMD placement machine with feeders,For boards 16”x 14”YOM 1996.