December 1999

DEK260Screenprinter, with Vision, 508 x 508 mm
DynapertMPS2000SMD placement machine with 40 feeders
EKRAMicrotronic VI
Microtronic VII
Screenprinters, 1995 & 1996
Factron720, 730, 750 etcBoards and parts for these test systems
Fluke3050BBoards and parts for these test systems
GenRadGR228X a.o.Combo II boards
Hewlett-PackardHP3173Series II board test systems, 1152 nodes,
6 double density hybrid plus cards, HP Panel test, strip printer.
System just tested by HP
Hewlett-PackardHP 83000Memory test system, 512 pins F330T (full 330)
LTX a.o.CP80, TS80, DX90Boards and parts for these test systems
MPMUP3030Screenprinter, 1996, 45 & 90 degrees print direction, 2D post print inspection, vacuum stencil wiper.
MydataTP9SMD placement machine, 1995, PC Host, GS Glue Unit, Vision, feeders
SMD placement machines with feeders.
ThermcoUL-2604-08HSThree 4-tube ovens for 6″ and 8″ wafers; in excellent condition. Currently in clean room. Will be adapted to customer’s requirements.
Sequencer with 160 stations
Sequencer with 120 stations
Universal6287Axial inserter, Single Head, 1 x 18″ table, V3 controller
Universal6295Axial inserter, Single Head, 2 x 15″ table, V3 controller
Universal6346Radial inserter, Single Pitch, 20 stations.
Universal6360ERadial inserter, Rad V, 1993, 2.5 / 5.0 / 7.5 mm tooling