February 2000

DEK Printing Machines  DEK245, 247, 249, 269, 265 screenprinters Vision or non Vision, refurbished to OEM standards, zeefdrukkers met of zonder Vision, gereviseerd volgens fabrieksnormen. 6 months warranty, installation included.   6 maanden garantie, inclusief installatie.
Universal6348ARadial sequencer/inserter40 stations, V3 or J11 controller,Board Error Control(BEC),2.54 and 5.08 mm
UniversalRad 5Radial sequencer/inserter 20 stations, verifier,2.54, 5.08 and 7.5 mmless than 2 years old.
PhilipsOrionEclipse IIchip shooter, 1997 fine pitch placer, 1997
DAUMPlace-itSMD pick & place machine,with feeders, with Vision system,two machines available