March 2000

DEK Printing Machines  DEK245, 247, 249, 269, 265screenprintersVision or non Vision,refurbished to OEM standards zeefdrukkersmet of zonder Vision,gereviseerd volgens fabrieksnormen. 6 months warranty, installation included.   6 maanden garantie, inclusief installatie.
QuadSTAR 100,Model 2000,Model IV-CSMD Placement Machines,Also feeders available.
UniversalRad VRadial sequencer/inserter20 stations, verifier,2.54, 5.08 and 7.5 mmless than 2 years old.
PhilipsOrion Eclipse IIchip shooter, 1997fine pitch placer, 1997
DAUMPlace-itSMD pick & place machine,With feeders, with Vision system,two machines available.
PhilipsCSM84V & CSM84two SMD placement machines &LCS(Large Component Sequencer) & over 100 feeders.Very good price. More Philips machines available soon!
SiemensSiplaceAssembly Line with:1 x DEK265 GS screenprinter2 x Siplace 80S15 w. latest   software version1 x Siplace Line Controller1 x Rehm Reflow Oven2 x Stereo MicroscopeInspection & Repair Sections. 
UniversalRad IIRadial sequencer/inserter 6348AWith 20 stations, pass-thru,2.54 & 5.08, N clinch, Board Error Control(BEC), J11 Controller.
Teradyne GenRad Hewlett Packard Wayne Kerr Marconi1800, 1820, 1850, 1880, 2275, 2276, 3065, 3075, 3950, 80C a.o.Functional and in-circuit test systems.with warranty, installation, training. for sale or lease,parts and spares.
SchlumbergerSentry S-21LSI Test System, 120 pinsMPMU High Speed SystemIn-test Manipulator45Mbyte Hard Disk.
UniversalRadIIRadial sequencer/inserter 6346A,With 60 stations, pass-thru,2.54 & 5.08, N clinch,Board Error Control(BEC),V3 Controller 
ZevatechFM740Flex MounterSMD Placement Machines with feeders; for 16”x14”boards.YOM 1996
TDK VC5 5260AR VC5 5240ARMixed Inserters42 radial, 18 axial29 radial, 11 axial
BTUTRS21Reflow Oven,Air Convection, Nitrogen,Edge & SS Mesh Conveyor
FUJIFBA8360Mixed InserterWith loader and digitiser