June 2005

TwenTech machine list June 2005

ManufacturerType PCB equipment
AgilentHP3x7xHybrid plus cards SD & DD
AgilentHP3070In circuit tester (series 3)
AssembleonEclipsSMT placement machine inl. feeders (Philips)
AssembleonTopazSMT-machine with feeders
AssembleonTopaz XiSMT-placement machine w. feeders
AssembleonFCM 1SMT machine
BTUParagon 70Reflow oven
CosyMasterPick & place with vision and feeders
DaumPlace ItSMT machine w. feeders
DEK265 GSXScreen printer
EkraE1 TMScreenprinter
ErsaHotflow 7Reflow oven ( lead free )
ErsaETS 250Dualwave leadfree soldering machine
FujiFCP 642 4000Chipshooter 
Juki / ZevatechPM730 / 740SMT placement machine’s
Mimot1260SMT placement machine
MPMUP 2000screenprinter
QuadQSA-30SMT assembly line
Royonic512Assembly tables
SiemensSiplace 80S15SMT placement machine
TDKRX-11SMT placement machine
UniversalHSP 4796BSMT placement machine w. feeders
UniversalRAD 8Inserter
VitronicsMagnatherm 1000Reflow oven
Weiss  climate chambers
ManufacturerTypeSemiconductor equipment
Disco various dicing saws
Electroglas2001XWafer probers
LeyboldZ550SSputtering system
NikonI 10In-line stepper
TeradyneJ971SP-60VLSI tester
ManufacturerTypeBare board & Miscellaneous
Fluke3040ATestsystem / spares and boards
DageXD 6600X-ray inspection system
NicoletNXR 1400iX-ray inspection system
SchlumbergerS720-S730Various spare parts and boards
TakayaAPT-8400Flying probe tester
UniversalPolarisOdd form insertion machine 
WereschRadialCutting and bending machine
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