June 2005 update

TwenTech machine list June 2005 update

ManufacturerTypePCB equipment
AgilentHP3x7xHybrid plus cards SD & DD
AgilentHP3070In circuit tester (series 3)
AssembleonEclipsSMT placement machine inl. feeders (Philips)
AssembleonTopazSMT-machine with feeders
AssembleonTopaz XiSMT-placement machine w. feeders
AssembleonFCM 1SMT machine
BTUParagon 70Reflow oven
CosyMasterPick & place with vision and feeders
DaumPlace ItSMT machine w. feeders
DEK265 GSXScreen printer
EkraE1 TMScreenprinter
ErsaHotflow 7Reflow oven ( lead free )
ErsaETS 250Dualwave leadfree soldering machine
Fluke3040ATestsystem / spares and boards
FujiFCP 642 4000Chipshooter 
GenradStingerTester 640 pins PCB boardtestet
Juki / ZevatechPM730 / 740SMT placement machine’s
Mimot1260SMT placement machine
MPMUP 2000screenprinter
PhilipsSMT lineCSM84VZ, 2x CSM84, many feeders and spares available
QuadQSA-30SMT assembly line
Royonic512Assembly tables
SchlumbergerS720-S730Various spare parts and boards
SiemensSiplace 80S15SMT placement machine
TDKRX-11SMT placement machine
UniversalHSP 4796BSMT placement machine w. feeders
UniversalPolarisOdd form insertion machine 
UniversalRAD 8Inserter
VitronicsMagnatherm 1000Reflow oven
Weiss  climate chambers
WereschRadialCutting and bending machine
ManufacturerTypeSemiconductor equipment
Disco various dicing saws
Electroglas2001XWafer probers
LeyboldZ550SSputtering system
NikonI 10In-line stepper
TeradyneJ971SP-60VLSI tester
ManufacturerTypeBare board & Miscellaneous
Binder Climate chambers used and demo
DageXD 6600X-ray inspection system
NicoletNXR 1400iX-ray inspection system
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