March 2003

ManufacturerType Equipment
AdvantestT5581H D-typeMemory tester
ASMAB-309Gold wire bonder
Dek265GSScreenprinter, vacuum dry & wet cleaning, 2D-inspection, green camera
Dr.TreskyT3001Incomplete die bonder / manipulator
EkraE-5 HSPScreenprinter with vision, 330 x 350 mm, vacuum wet & dry cleaning, 2D inspection
ElectroglasEG-4080, EG-4090Wafer probers 8″
ElectrovertAstrapakWave soldering system, width 400 mm, with SMT, finger transport, nitrogen, spray fluxer, solder etc.
ErsaHotflow 7Reflow oven, full convection, width 460 mm, middle support and finger transport
EuroplacerR250SMT placement machine, in-line without conveyor, with glue option
EuroplacerEP928SMT placement machine with feeders, feeder trolleys and feeder banks. Pls ask spec’s.
Heller1900WNReflow overn, with nitrogen, 12 zones, 6 m long
Mosaic Westek 5 stage tank cleaner with automatic comport system in-line wash plant
Rucker & Rolls666Manual wafer prober, with Bausch & Lomb 7x Scope, Kinetics Systems Vibraplane Table Model 1208-02-11
SanyoTCM3100JHigh speed mounter
SanyoTCM5000FMulti-functional mounter
Soltec6521CCWave soldering machine, with finger conveyorand spray flux
Soltec6567 N2Wave soldering machine
TelP-8XLWafer prober, automatic, top loader, acumen OCR, VIP2 vision module, automatic probe to pad alignment, WAPP and probe polish brushes
Teradynefor Z1800DR1 and DR2 cards
ThermcoTMX2001Furnace 6″
Universal6360C Rad VRadial inserter, 40 stations, straight back and stand alone, dual pitch (2,5/5,0 mm), J11 controller, BEC ERV, Exec, manuals & PC