February 2003

ManufacturerType Equipment
AgilentHP3073SLIn circuit test system
AMSBenchtopX-ray PCB inspection
CeltronixOSPIExotic component placer, with sequencer MTU 116, camera inspectio, 6 tools, 4 feeders multi stick
DiscoDAD 320Wafer dicing saw
DiscoDAD 321Wafer dicing saw
DiscoDAD 341Wafer dicing saw
FujiCP642SMT Chipshooter
GenRad2287Test system
Juki / Zevatech760SMT Flex mounter
Juki / ZevatechKE 750LSMT Pick & Place machine
NikonBody 6Stripper
SiemensSiplace 80 F4SMT Placement machine, with computer, IC head with 5 fold nozzle chenger, feeder cart, machine prepared for waffle pack chenger adaption
TakayaAPT 8400 CJFlying probe tester, 4 probes, I.C. opens tests, vision recognition, test area 500  x 400 mm
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