June 2003

Camalot1414, 1818, S3800Glue dispensers
DEK240Screenprinter, manual, 254 x 203 mm (10″ x 8″), fully refurbished
DiscoDAD 651Wafer dicing saw
DiscoDFD 341Wafer dicing saw
ElectrovertOmniflo 7Reflow oven, meshbelt + pinchain
FujiQP642 / QP643Chip shooter
GenRadGR2286test system
Heller1900WNReflow oven, with Nitrogen, 12 zones, 6 meters
Yuki / Zevatech720LFineplacement machine with vision, with mechanical centring, with 10 feeders
Yuki / Zevatech740LFineplacement machine fully automatic, with TR20EZ tray tower, with 10 feeders
Yuki / Zevatech760 LFineplacement machine fully automatic, with feeder float detectors, with TR4 tray towers, with 10 feeders
LumonicsSYM 2100Laser marking system connected to a Markem AM 202 handler
MydataTP9Pick & place machines with feeders
PanasonicRH3 (LL)SMT placement machine
PhilipsEmeraldSMT placement machine with feeders
Rucker & Kolls666Manual wafer prober, with Bausch & Lomb 7x scope, Kinetics Systems Vibraplane Table model1208-02-11, ask info 
Schlumberger / FactronBB 3239DExpander DIC board
SoltecDeltaware 6622-CCWave soldering machine with Interflux 2005 M
TakayaAPT-8400CEFlying probe tester, tulip PC operating Takaya Win-NT
TeradyneJ973 PantherTest system, plse ask configuration sheets
Universal4796BSMT placement machine, version 150 HDD, no feeders
VitronicsSMR 520 800Reflow oven convection, 8 zones, mesh belt / edge rail, PC and monitor, left to right flow