July + August 2003

AlcatelASM 180 TDLeak detector
Wafer steppers
AutosplicePCNCPin inserter
Contact3AV-100SMT placement machine, please ask specification
DaumPlace-ItSMT machine w. feeders, manuals etc.
DEK260Screenprinter, 508 x 508 mm, w. DEKAlign 2 Vision, w. autofeed, fully serviced
DEK265GSXScreenprinter, w. Vision
Electroglas4085XWafer probers
ElectrovertEconopak PlusWave soldering machine, finger conveyor, chip wave, spray flux
ElectrovertAtmos 2000CCReflow oven, chain conveyor, cooling module
EuroplacerR250SMT placement machine, w. conveyors, w. 65 feeders, w. 5 vibratory feeders
Chip mounter
Chip shooter
Chip shooter
FujiFBA81360/FBA8560Spare parts, pls ask
GenRadGR2284iTest system, please ask specification
Heller1900WNReflow oven, with Nitrogen, 12 zones, 6 meters
Hewlett-PackardE4000-66546PPU(Pay Per Use) cards
Yuki / ZevatechPM460SMT placement machine with 15 feeders
Yuki / ZevatechPM570LPick & Place machine, with 10 feeders, please ask specifications
Yuki / ZevatechPM575LSMT placement machine, with feeders, please ask specifications
LTXSynchromasterTest systems
MPMAP HiEScreenprinter, w. 2D/3D inspection, software 7.13
MPMUP 2000Screenprinter, please ask specifications
PhilipsCSM84Compact surface mounter, no feeders
SanyoTIM-5100Multifunctional Chip mounter, please ask specifications
Schlumberger / FactronBB 3239DExpander DIC board
SiemensMS102SMT placement machine, please ask specifications
SMT400/3.0 N2Reflow oven, chain transport, flow direction
SoltecDeltawave 6622-CCWave soldering machine, please ask specifications
TakayaAPT-8400CEFlying probe tester, please ask specifications
UniversalMulti Mod IIDip inserter, 0.3″/0.6″ dip, 0.3″/0.6″ dip/socket/socket
Universal6360C Rad VRadial inserter, please ask specifications
VI TechnologyLab 200Automatic labeler