November 2002

ManufacturerType Equipment
Dek265 HorizonScreenprinter, in line, fully automatic, plse ask details.
EkraE5Screenprinter, in line, with vision
ElectrovertOmniflow 7Reflow oven, convection, chain transport, PC
EuroplacerEP928SMT placement machine, w. feeders, feeder banks and trolleys
FujiFBAspare parts for FBA series
FujiCP4-2SMT placement machine, w. 100 feeders
FujiCP4-3SMT placement machine, w. 100 feeders
GenradGR2284Test syste,, 352 real/1408, multiplexed hybrid pins, 11 Combo II board capacity, in-circuit anal;og module (ICA), IEEE Mux, self test fixture, dual vacuum port, compressed air hookup kit, relay driver
Juki / ZevatechPPM 7SMT placement machine, single head, spares, 150 feeders
Juki / ZevatechKE-760Multi Functional Mounter
MikiPCB racksL x W x H    355 x 320 x 563 mm
PhilipsEclipse 1SMT placement machine, with LCS, Laser, Vision, BGA and 80 feeders
PhilipsEmeraldSMT placement machine, with feeders
PhilipsOrionSMT placement machine with feeders
PhilipsTopazSMT  placement machine, with 50 feeders 4 x 8 mm, 50 feeders 2 x 8 mm
Royonic512Light guided assembly tyables
Seho8040Wave soldering  machine, single wave, flat wave for SMT, width 400 mm, carrier transport (3 carriers)
SiemensSiplacer HS50, 80F5, 80F4, 80F3, 80S20, 80S15SMD placement machines
SoltecDelta MaxWave soldering machine
SonySI-E1000Compact chip mounter, plse ask details.
SonySI-E2000Compact fine pitch chip mounter
TeradyneA575Mixed signal tester, configuration available
TeradyneZ18XX seriesBoard test systems, in-circuit,
also Dr2A boards 
VarianE500HPMedium ion implanter for 8″