December 2002

ManufacturerType Equipment
Contact3AV-100SMT placement machine, with two independent placement heads (2 spindles per head)
Contact3S-100SMT placement machine, pls ask spec’s
Dek248Screenprinter, with vision, fully serviced
Dek249Screenprinter, 431 x 431 mm, non-vision system, fully serviced 
Dek260Screenprinter, 508 x 508 mm, with DekAlign 2 Vision, fully serviced
DiscoDAD 320Dicing saw
DiscoDAD 341Dicing saw
Esec2006 HRDie bonder
Esec3006 F/XWire bonder, goldball
Esec3088Wire bonder, goldball
GenradTS128LTest system plse ask detailed specifications
GenradPILOTFlying probe tester, with active probe circuitry for 4 mobile test heads, Pentium PC with Windows NT, 6 boards support, Citizen 40 columns printer
GenradGR228X seriesCombo I and Combo II boards for testers 
Karl SussMA-150Mask aligner, casette load, max. substrate size 6″
MikiPCB racksL x W x H    355 x 320 x 563 mm
MPMAP HiEScreenprinter with 2D-vision, software 7.13
PhilipsOrionSMT placement machine, with feeders
PhilipsTopazSMT  placement machine, with feeders
SoltecQuantis IIWave soldering machine, left-to-right
TelP8XLWafer prober, with WAPP (wide area probe polisher), hot chuck
Teradynefor Z1800DR1 and DR2
UniversalGS 4713 DGlue dispenser, in line, 15000 dots per hour
Westech372 MCMP polisher, for 8″