November 2001

ManufacturerType  Equipment
Amistar, Fuji, Panasonic, Philips, Quad, Siemens, Suzuki, Universal, Zevatech SMD-machinesfeedersbelt feeders, new, made on order, competitive prices
a.o. from Component Express
Alpha, ESEC, K&S, Shinkawabonderswedge bonders (a.o. 1471, 1474 FP), wire bonders (a.o.1484, UTC50), die bonders (a.o. 2006HR, DB-606) etc.
Automation, Electrovert, Systronic, Trieber, WestcleancleanersPCB-cleaners, aqueous, in-line wash plants
AgilentHP3070Series III in-circuit tester, 36 double density cards, 4 Control XT’s, ASRU “C”s, Internal Solenoids, 4 6624 DUT Power Supplies. MINT CONDITION !
DEK245, 249, 260, 265Screenprinters, refurbished, with/without Vision, 6 months warranty
DEK265GSXscreenprinter, 1997, with fine pitch Autoflex, with Stencil Wiper with vacuum, green Camera
DEK265LTscreenprinters, with DEK align vision system/2D, board vison inspection, dual programmable squeegee printhead, stationary operator control module, auto rail adjust, etc.
ElectrovertTi-fingersTitanium fingers for wave solder systems
Esec2008 D / 168die bonder, vintage 2000
Esec3018wire bonders, fully automatic, 1998, 1999
FactronS720CATEboard test system, 1 year warranty, licenses, installation on site, training on site included
FujiCP642chipshooter, 1996, 6.930 hours, 100 feeders
GenRadGR2281iBoard tester, in-circuit, 9 Combo II=1152 pins, AFTM, ICA, Clock Sync Trigger, Self Test Fixture, 4 power supplies, Pentium PC
Mydata tape feeder magazines, all sizes
PhilipsOrionchipshooter, only 3.500 operation hours, Vision centring, left to right conveyor, 4 feeder exchange carts, feeders: 160x 8 mm tape, 6x 12 mm tape, 2x 16 mm tape
Siemensfeedersvarious sizes:
Schulz 8 mm, nr. 141091 and nr. 141096
Schulz 24/32 mm
Schulz 44 mm
Schulz 56 mm,
24/32 mm Type III
Siemens80S15SMD placement machine, fully refurbished
Siemens80S20SMD placement machine, 1997, w. 2 x 12 fold revolver head, w. board & component Vision, feeders available
Siemens80F3 SiplaceSMD placement machines, fully refurbished
TeradyneJ971Memory test system, 1999
TeradyneZ18XX seriesin-circuit test systems, SALE, RENTAL, SUPPORT, SPARES, also Dr2A boards
Universal6360 Rad Vinserter radial, not refurbished
UniversalMulti Mod IIinserter, dip, 0.3″, V3 Controller
UniversalMulti Mod IIinserter, dip, 0.3/0.6″ dip/socket, J11 Controller