December 2001

ManufacturerType Equipment
memory tester with 2 testheads with each M6741 handlers
memory tester with 2 testheads
CanonPLA 501 FAmask aligner 4″, refurbished
DEK245, 249, 260, 265Screenprinters, refurbished, with/without Vision, 6 months warranty
DEK265GSXscreenprinter, 1997, with fine pitch Autoflex, with Stencil Wiper with vacuum, green Camera
ElectrovertOmniflo 7reflow ovens, 1997, PC controlled, full convection, finger conveyor, width adjustable from 150 to 500 mm
ErsaN-Wave 500reflow oven, 1998, dual wave, width 500 mm, spray flux
FactronS720in-circuit / functional tester, with update, configuration list avalable
GenRadGR2281iBoard tester, in-circuit, 9 Combo II=1152 pins, AFTM, ICA, Clock Sync Trigger, Self Test Fixture, 4 power supplies, Pentium PC
MPMAP25 HIEscreenprinter, 1997, in-line, full vision, vacuum wet cleaning
MydataMY9 HydraSMD placement machine
Mydata feeder magazines, all sizes
PhilipsPA5036PCB test handlers, in-line
PhilipsMTX 2815shuttle pneumatic drive for PCB’s
Siemensfeedersvarious sizes:
Schulz 8 mm, nr. 141091 and nr. 141096
Schulz 24/32 mm
Schulz 44 mm
Schulz 56 mm,
24/32 mm Type III
Siemens80F3 SiplaceSMD placement machines, fully refurbished
SiemensMS102SMD placement machine, w. board vision
Siemens80S20SMD placement machine, 1997, w. 2 x 12 fold revolver head, w. board & component Vision, feeders available
TeradyneJ971Memory test system, 1999
TeradyneZ18XX seriesin-circuit test systems, SALE, RENTAL, SUPPORT, SPARES, also Dr2A boards
ZevatechPM 560SMD placement machine w. teach camera, feeders