December 2000

4H Jena Engineeringmicroscopesvarious types: stereo, stereo-zoom, inspection table etc.
Amistar, Fuji, Panasonic, Philips, Quad, Siemens, Suzuki, Universal, Zevatech SMD-machinesfeedersBelt feeders, new, made on order, competitive prices
DEK Printing MachinesDEK 265 LTScreenprinters, 1997, Board Vision, Auto Rail Adjust, Programmable Under Stencil Cleaner
DEK Printing MachinesDEK 265 LTScreenprinters, 1998 & 1999, with Vision, 2D inspection, in-line, Vacuum Cleaning, Proflow possible
Disco CorporationDAD 321Wafer saw, work piece size 160×160, spindle input 1500 W, max. rev. 40000 rpm, rotation angle 360°
DynapertMPS 318 HRSMD machine with feeders, 3500 comp./hr., 0603 to 208 QFP, teach camera, feeders
FujiGSPIII-4000, CPIV-2-4000, IPII-5000SMD-line complete with loader/unloader, worktable, reflow oven, many feeders
FujiCP-3SMD-line, left-to-right, glue dispenser, loadere/unloader, high-speed chip mounter, multi function mounter, reflow oven. Will be sold as-is.
GenRadGR 2270, GR 2272, GR2275, GR 2276Board-Test-Systems, with spares
Itochu (Takaya)APT 8300/8400Flying probe tester
LTXSynchromaster IImemory tester, video option, 48 analog pins, 16 digital pins
PanasertMSH3, MV2-V, MPA-V, DEK265LT, Electrovert Omni V, loader unloader etc.SMD-lines, complete assembly lines, 1998 & 1999
* * * BIDS INVITED * * *
PhilipsCSM84VZ with LCS2 mech. placement head, 1 Z-vision placement head, Vision, 3 camera’s and with LCS (large component Sequencer).
PhilipsCSM842 mech. placement head, 1 dispenser head, beampointer, 1 camera
PhilipsCSM843 mech. head, beampointer, 1 camera
PhilipsFeeders8,12,16,24 mm
Soltec6521Solder system wave, with finger conveyor
TeradyneZ18xx seriesTest-System, board tester
Universal62872 inserters, axial, VCD, DH, V3 Controller, high-speed rotary table
Zevatech560SMD-machine, 3200 comp./hr, Board-Offsett-Correction, fine pitch, for boards up to 16″ x 18″, with 40 feeders
ZevatechFS 730 / FS 740complete assembly line with
-1x EKRA E5 screenprinter
-2x Zevatech FS 730 FlexShooters
-1x Zevatech FS 740 FlexMounter
-1x SMT 300/3 reflow oven, full conv. w. N2
-1x laser 3D insp. system for solderingpaste
-loaders, conveyors etc.