other brands: Assembleon (Philips, Yamaha)DimaFujiHover Davisi-Pulse (Tenryu)Juki (Zevatech)Panasonic (KME)Siemens, Universal (Sanyo, Hitachi)
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For CP series machines (CP20C, CP20CV, CP30, CP40CV, CP45F, CP45FS, CP45FV(Neo), CP50, CP55, CP60HP, CP60L, CP63, CP63HP…)

8x2mm PA type and older SA type (for 0402 = metric 1005)
8x4mm PB type amd older SB type
12mm SC
16mm SD
24mm SE
32mm SF
44mm SG
56mm SH

NST feeders for CP series

8x2mm PA-NST for 01005 (= 0402 metric), red handle 

8x2mm PA-NST for 0201 (= 0603 metric), green handle

Non-stop feeders for CP series

8x2mm NA (paper)
8x4mm EB (embossed)
8x4mm NB
12mm NC
16mm ND
24mm NE
32mm NF
44mm NG

For SM series machines (400series, 321series: SM320, SM321, SM411, SM421)

8x2mm for 01005, 0201 and 0402 (red, green and blue handle)
8x4mm embossed
8x4mm paper (FT-SM08)
12mm up to 44mm

For SM-IT machines (intelligent version)

8x2mm, 8x4mm (FT-IT08P), 12mm and bigger sizes