April + May 2019

ManufacturerTypePCB equipment
AssembleonTopazPick and Place with feeders
AssembleonTopaz XIIPick and Place machine
AutotronikBA389 F3Pick and Place
CasioYCM-7000 + YCM QF3Pick and Place with Tray Changer
EssemtecFLX-2011LCPlacement machine with feeders
Juki6x trolley / docking carttrolly / docking cart
JukiTR6SNMTC Matrix Tray Changer
JukiKE-2060 lightPlacement machine with feeders
RehmV6Reflow Oven
SonySI-F209Placement machine with Tray Tower and feeders
SonySI-G200BBPlacement machine with Tray Tower and feeders
Vitronics SoltecDelta 7LWave Soldering Machine
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