Sept + Oct 2018

ManufacturertypePCB equipment
AssembleonTopazPick and Place with feeders
AsysInsignium ALS01 + LSB03 + LSE03Laser Marking with loader and unloader
AutotronikBS390N-L20VPick and Place
DimaMP-200 + feedersPick and Place, SOLD
DimaHP-110 with feedersPlacement machine, RESERVED
EkraX6 HSPscreen printer
EssemtecCLM7000 plus with feedersPick and Place
EssemtecPantera with feedersPick and Place
MechatronikaM60 + feedersPick and Place, SOLD
Royonic (Mydata)4x SMD Tower 546SMD Tower
SamsungSM421LPlacement machine with feeders
SamsungCP45FV NeoPlacement machine
SMTechAVP300Screen Printer
SonySI-G200BBPlacement machine with Tray Tower and feeders
SonySI-F209Placement machine with Tray Tower and feeders