November + December 2013

ManufacturerTypePCB Equipment
AutotronikBS383N L20 with feedersPlacement Machine
DimaSiroccoReflow Oven
DimaBreezeReflow Oven
DimaHP-110 with feedersPlacement Machine
ElectrovertOmniExcelReflow Oven
ElectrovertVectraElite VC2Reflow Oven
EuroplacerFinessePick & Place Machine
EssemtecCLM 9000 with feedersPick & Place Machine
EssemtecFLX-2010, 2007, with feedersPick & Place Machine
RehmCompact C2Reflow Oven
RommelTE 500-2, 2 unitsCoveyor, 2x 500mm
RommelME-2-470 + MA-2-470Loader + Unloader
SamsungCP40C with VisionPlacement Machine
SamsungCP45FV Neo with feeders + trolleysPlacement Machine
SiemensHS60Placement Machine
SonySI-E2000Fine Pitch Placer
Universal80pcs FlexJet nozzlesNozzles
Universalaxial & radialmany spares