June 2004 update

ManufacturerType Equipment
BinderFED 053Multifunctional heating / drying oven
Camelot2800Glue dispenser
DEK248Screenprinter with DEK-align 3 vision
ErsaHotflow 7Reflow oven full convection
EsecMicron 2Die bonder
FujiConveyorVarious board handling systems
FujiCP642ESMT high speed placement machine
FujiFGL5Epoxy dispenser, vision correction
Juki / ZevatechKE 750Chip mounters, left to right, front rail fixed
Juki / Zevatech2020ESMT placement machine
KMEFB35W-MFlip chip bonder
MPMSPMScreenprinter, semi-automatic, with vision wiper
MydataMY12Fine pitch placer, includes Hydra speedmount, Linescan Camera, Wagon conveyor and Tex exchenger and with feeders, please ask spec’s
PhilipsCSM 60SMT compact surface mounter
Seho8540 MPRWave soldering, dual wave, spray fluxer, loader / unloader
TenryuMT5330LQSMT chip mounter with laser recognition camera
Teradyne1800 SeriesDR II cards
WereschSGM 100Component taping machine
AgilentHP5DX serial 2X-ray inspection machine, 457 x 602 mm, software 7.1
DiscoDAD 341
DFD 641 / 651
Dicing saws
ElectroglasEG-4080Wafer prober 8″
  Note: we have many manuals available, please ask
Dutraco Bare Board Stacker for 47 boards
  Misc. machines:
PhilipsSMD-lineSurface Mount Circuit Board Line (YOM 1987)
6x MCM VI, 1x HW Glue Flex and 1x Senja SMIC Reflowoven
Verkaufen Sie überzählige Maschinen ?Vous voulez vendre vos machines superflues ?Want to sell surplus machines ?Wilt u overbodige machines verkopen ?
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