January 2004

ManufacturerType Equipment
BTUVIP 98Reflow oven, width adjust front rail fixed
DEK260screenprinter with vision, with DEKalign 4, wet & dry cleaning
ESEC3088Wire bonders plse ask spec’s
Genrad2284iTest system, with 10 Combo II boards (1280 pins)
Juki / Zevatech560SMT placement machine, with feeders
MPMUP3000Screenprinter, with autosupport pin system, 2D solder paste height measuring system
MydataMY-9SMT placement machine
OkanoBGA-3500BGA repair station
PanasonicJV NM-2035Jumper wire inserter (LL) with loader and unloader, plse ask spec’s
SiemensSiplace 80 S20SMT placement machine with controller, 2×12 fold revolver head etc.
Soltec6511 Sigma WaveWave soldering machine including solder tin with drum fluxer, width 400 mm
Fluke3051BProgramming station for Fluke 3050 Board Tester
Hewlett-Packardfor HP3173Hybrid Plus Cards part # E1046-66522 88809L Rev. B 03066-26521
Hewlett-PackardHP317X Series IITest system with 2x ASRU “C” , 2x Control Plus Card, 11x Double Density Card, 2x 6624A DUT Power Supply
KLA2138Wafer defect inspection system, please ask spec’s
(still under service contract)
TakayaAPT-8400CEFlying probe tester, please ask spec’s
Teradynefor Spectrum 88XXCC2 Channel Cards part # 048-830-00
ZevacDRS 24BGA rework system