February 2004

AgilentHP5DX serial 2X-ray inspection machine, 457 x 602 mm, software 7.1
DEKInfinityScreenprinter with Proflow, 2D inspection, Vacuum cleaning, USC, TCU
EKRAE-5Screenprinter, in-line, full vision, vacuum wet & dry cleaning
Board test systems
Fujifor FBA 8360/8336Radial cassettes
Line controller
Line controller w. keyboard, cable
Juki / Zevatech560SMT placement machine, with feeders
Karl SuessMA-150Mask aligner w. kits for 4″ and 6″
PanasonicAE NM-2041Axial inserters, plse ask spec’s
RehmSMS N2Reflow oven with N2
SiemensSiplace 80 S20SMT placement machine with controller, 2 x 12 fold revolver head, capacity 12k / hr 0204 up to 18×18
SoltecPro-Test 100X-ray TV inspection apparatus
ThermotronATS 900-H-705-705Thermal Shock chamber, plse ask spec’s
Unitech8-157Die-bonder for 4″ wafers
Universalfor axial inserterJumper wire station
Universal6792Dip inserter, Multi-Mod, V3-controller, BEC
ZevacDRS22BGA repair station
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