December 2004

TwenTech machine list December 2004

ManufacturerType PCB equipment
AgilentHP3x7xHybrid Plus Cards SD & DD, 6 & 12 MHz
Camelot3000Glue dispenser
CyberopticsSentry 20003D paste inspection system
ELITEFormat IIRadial cutting machine
FujiQP242ESMT fineplacer
Fluke3051BProgramming station for Fluke 3050 Board Tester
GDPDS-9000Auto dispense system, SMEMA compatible, w. automatic vision alignment system
GenradTS121Test station, 1408 Hybrid poins (11 Ultra 121 pin boards)
Genrad2287 AccelerATETest system
Juki/ZevatechPM570LSMT pick & place machine, installed 2000, with 2 x Zevatech 100 module
MCTSOT-23IC test handler
MIMOTAdvantageSMT placement machine
MPMUP2000Screenprinter with 2D inspection
MPMSPMStand-alone screenprinter
Okano8400SMT placement machine, 2 heads with feeders
PhilipsCSM46DSMT placement machine
PhilipsCSM84V2SMT placement machine with feeders
Royonic410, 510, 550Light guided assembly table
SanyoTCM 3000ZSMT placement machine
SiemensSiplace 80S15
Siplace 80F3
SMT placement machine
SMT placement machine including WPM
StreckfussCO34Preparing station
TekaLDM 506Solder smoke exhausting unit
TesconPoint 305SMT pick & place machine w. 30 mixed tape feeders, 1 vibratory feeder
UniversalGSM2SMT placement machine
Zevatech700 seriesSMT assembly line with screen printer, FS730, 750, 760 machines, reflow oven, loaders & unloaders, probe tester
ManufacturerTypeSemiconductor equipment
BalzerBAK 760Evaporators
Delvotec6320Wire bonder
DiscoDFD 640Wafer saw
Electroglas2001X, 3001, 4080XWafer probers
ESECMicron-2stand-alone SMT high accuracy placement system
Leica ReichertPolylite 88Manual wafer inspection system
MTINSX 250DSiWafer saws
TeradyneCardsDR1, DR2, DR2D, DR2P
TeradyneCatalystMixed signal test system
TeradyneJ971SP-60VLSI tester
ManufacturerTypeBare board equipment and misc.
AgilentHP5DX serial 2X-ray inspection machine, 457 x 602 mm, software 7.1
AgilentHP8648ASignal generator 100 khz – 1000 mhz
AMATP5000Oxide etchers 6″
Top mount oxide MxP Etch Chember 8″
Top mount Poly Mark II narrow MxP Etch Chamber 8″
AutosplicePCNCStandard pin inserter  with AP2 head ref 8-00019
HasselriisHE-213Telephone tester
NicoletNXR 1400iX-ray inspection system machine
SchaeferESD CabinetsVarious sizes 
AgilentHP 94000Arbitray Waveform Generators
EuroplacerEP928, EP600SMT placement machine
PhilipsTopaz XSMT placement machine
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