August 2004 update

TwenTech machine list August 2004 update

ManufacturerTypePCB equipment
Camelot2800Glue dispenser
DEK248Screenprinter w. DEKAligne 3 Vision
DEK265GSScreenprinter, in-line, w. vision, vacuum wet / dry cleaning
DIMAOptimatSMT placement machine w. feeders, plse ask for specifications
EuroplacerEP928SMT placement machine w. feeders
JUKI / ZevatechPM460 PlaceMate
PM460WD PlaceMat
SMT placement machine w. feeders, tray holders, feeder banks, stick feeder base
MIMOTAdvantageSMT placement machine, w. dispenser, w. feeders
PanasonicMV150 / MPA80SMT Assembly line including:
Loader Fuji, magazine type
Screenprinter Fuji GP-551
2x Conveyor Fuji
Chip  mounter Fuji CP-643E
Multi-functional mounter Yamaha YV88xg
Multi-functional mounter Fuji IP-III
Reflow oven Senjyu SA13808JC
SanyoTCM3500ZSMT placement machine
TDKAss’ly lineAssembly line including:
Loader TDK YLB-51
2x Chipshooter TDK RX-11A
FP Placement TDK SS-2
Loader TDK YLB-62
Unloader TDK YLB-62
Axial sequencer TDK Avisert ACS-2
Radial sequencer / inserter TDK VC-7AT
Transfer TDK 9YT-01
VCD Axial inserter TDK AC-7
Screenprinter MPM SPM
Screenprinter MPM UP2030
Reflow oven Conceptronics HV 102 Series
TeradyneZ1880Test system with: 
43 DR2D boards for total of 1376 test points
100 Volt OPtion
DFP Option w. 2 DR2-P boards
PCIO card
Vector Processing
Multi Scan II Frame-Scan
Delta Scan
Dual Kepco 55 V power supplies
TesconPoint 305SMT pick & place machine w. 30 mixed tape feeders, 1 vibratory feeder
Universal6241FAxial sequencer / inserter, 40 stations, w. jumper wire station
PanasonicRH6 LL
Radial inserters
SMT400/3.0 N2Reflow ovens, finger transport, 60 x 400 mm, middle support, suitable for leadfree
YamahaYV100X MK2 
 = Topaz X
SMT placement machine
  Semiconductor equipment
AdvantestM4162ATest handler, P7P handler, ambient / hot, w. QFP-kits
AgitaGemini PiAutomatic Lap / Polish system
Delvotec6400Wire bonder w. large area rotating head, pattern recognition
Disco DFD 641Wafer saw (dicing saw) 8″
Electroglas4080XWafer probers
VeecoAP-150Resistive measuring system
  Bare board equipment and misc.
AgilentHP5DX serial 2X-ray inspection machine, 457 x 602 mm, software 7.1
AMATP5000Oxide etchers 6″
Top mount oxide MxP Etch Chember 8″
Top mount Poly Mark II narrow MxP Etch Chamber 8″
BinderED 720 
FD 023 
FED 053 etc.
Climate chambers
Fluke3051BProgramming station for Fluke 3050 Board Tester
HasselriisHE-213Telephone tester
NicoletNXR 1400X-ray inspection system machine, 457 x 602 mm, software 7.1
SchaeferESD Cabinets140 x 170 x 80 mm
400 x 600 x 220 mm
400 x 600 x 440 mm
550 x 180 x 80 mm
  Note: we have many manuals available, please ask
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