September 2002

ManufacturerType Equipment
AdvantestM6841AIC test handler, maintained by Advantest, Special price !
DiscoDAD320Dicing saw for  6” wafers
DiscoDAD341Dicing saw for  8” wafers
DiscoDCS141Cleaning station for 8” wafers, to be combined with DAD-341
DiscoDFD-2D8Fully automatic dicing saws for 150 mm wafers + new spares
DiscoDFM-150DIfully automatic wafer mounters + new spares
Dr. TreskyT-3001Die manipulator
Dr. TreskyT-9408Hibrid rework station
Elektrovert500Fwave soldering system
ElektrovertEconopak Iwave soldering system with nitrogen
ElektrovertOmniflo 7reflow oven
FujiMCS-16Bline controller
FujiCP4-3SMT placement machine with feeders
FujiCP643SMT placement machine  without feeders
FujiCP643ESMT placement machine with feeders
FujiQP24ESMT placement machine with feeders
JukiKE-750SMT placement machine
JukiKE-760Mulit-functional mounter
JukiKE-760LMulti-functional  mounter, with 8 mm feeders
PhilipsTOPAZSMT placement machines, with 8 mm feeders
Universal6360D Radial 560 stations sequensers