August 2001 update

ManufacturerType Equipment
Amistar, Fuji, Panasonic, Philips, Quad, Siemens, Suzuki, Universal, Zevatech SMD-machinesfeedersbelt feeders, new, made on order, competitive prices
Alpha, ESEC, K&S, Shinkawabonderswedge bonders (a.o. 1471, 1474 FP), wire bonders (a.o.1484, UTC50), die bonders (a.o. 2006HR, DB-606) etc.
Automation, Electrovert, Systronic, Trieber, WestcleancleanersPCB-cleaners, aqueous, in-line wash plants
ASML5000/50Wafer stepper, wafer set-up: 200 mm w. 6″ recticle, lense altitude setup: 175 feet, high NA 5x reduction i-line projection lensw w. 0,45 um production solution, broadband field-by-field focus system
Camalot3000 & 5000Glue dispensers
Canon1550 MK 2Aligner stepper, w. fine pattern, 16 pod recticle holder, 0, um submicron pattern printing
DEK265GSScreenprinter, vision
EuroplacerEP600SMD placement machine, 1997, micro terminal for feeder programming, 3 feeder banks, interface board for programming station, many feeders
FactronS720board test system, 304 testpins, 7 x SSM, 8 x IRM, 2x power supply, Flo-Tracer, FRM, RS232, IEEE I/F & LP I/F
FujiCP4-3Complete SMD assembly line, GSP III, 2x CP4-3-4000, MCS30 line controller, IP-2, Rehm reflow, Soltec dualwave, conveyors, handlers, feeders, spares
MPMAP 25screenprinter, with Vision, 2D inspection
PanasertMV2C-XLSMD placement machine, NM2559DA, 1994, left-to-right, w. 33 feeders
PanasertMV2-FMV2-F chipshooter, Q-style, M-size, Modelno. NM2858FB w. feeders
Compact surface mounters
PhilipsOrionFull vision chip shooter, 1996, left-to-right conveyor, 4 feeder exchange carts, many feeders
SchlumbergerS720In-circuit / functional tester, 512 channels, expandable to 1024 channels
SiemensSiplaceSMD assembly line, DEK265GS, Camalot glue dispenser, 2x Siplace S15, 2x Siplace F3, Soltec 6544, loader, unloader, line controller, 120 feeders
SiemensSiplaceLine controller….pls ask spec’s….1 year warranty
Soltec6521Solder system, wave, tinpot 400 mm, tin included, dual wave, drum spray fluxer, pre-heat zone 1 meter, top side pre-heat cover
TeradyneZ1805In-circuit tester w. ATB card, VP controller, RAB Relay Card, DeltaScan, WaveScan, 13 ea DR2 Driver/Reciever Card, DFP Programming Module
Universal6287AAxial inserter, J11 controller, standard tooling, insertion span: 7.62 to 33.02 mm
Universal6360 Rad IIIRadial inserter, J11 controller, 20 stations, dual pitch 2.5 & 5.0 mm, refurbished
Universal6360 Rad VRadial inserter, needs some refurbishment so attractive pricing
Universal6829Programm generator, with/without controller
ZevatechASM810SMD placement machine, 1995, many accessories
Zevatech575, 730, 740SMD placement machines