August 2000

Amistar, FUJI, Panasonic, PHILIPS, Quad, SIEMENS, Universal, ZEVATECH a.o.feedersBelt feeders, new, made on order; competitive prices.
Carl ZeissJENATECHIC inspection microscope, 50x – 500x, like new, special price.
MPMUP 2000Screenprinter, automatic, in-line, 1998, with vacuum cleaning
TeradyneZ1880-1IC Tester, 1024 DR-1 Cards, Pentium PC Controller, Vector Processor, Multi Scan
Universal6348ARadII sequencer/inserter, 20 stations(may be extended), JII Controller, refurbished/repainted
Zevatech460 PlaceMatSMD Assembly System, Up to 2.000 comp./hour, with 27 feeders, with Teach-in Option