Juni 1999

Manufacturer Type Equipment
AdvantestT3340Component test system, with 14 double density boards and 3340 Advantest manipulators
AmistarAI 1000Axial inserters, with variable pitch and 64 stations
DEK245Screenprinter, semi automatic, with 20 frames.
DEK247Screenprinter, 431×431 mm.
ElectrovertUltra 2000Wave solder systemwafer, with Ultrasonic Spray Fluxer and IR Pre Heat.
Fluke, Genrad, LTXVarious type numbersOperator’s manuals, maintenance manuals, spares lists etc.etc.
FujiCPIII, IPII, GSPSMD line consisting of: chipshooter + screenprinter + line controller + reflow oven.
GenRadGR2287iBoard test system, 1152 test points, 9 ComboII boards.
Hewlett-PackardHP3173Board test system, 14 double density boards, HP boards loader.
Hewlett-Packardfor 307X & 317X SeriesDouble density boards.
MPMUP200Screenprinter, 558mm x 558mm, with Vision.
PanasertNM-2024Axial inserter with stacker / loader, with feeders.
PhilipsCSM84VZ & CSM84SMD placement machines, with Vision and many feeders.
TeradyneJ997Memory test system for DRAM, VRAM, SRAM, SDRAM.
UniversalMultimod IIDip inserter with J11 controller, Board Error Control, 0.3/0.6 dip socket