April 2004 2nd update

ManufacturerType Equipment
Agilentfor HP3x7xboards
DimaOptimatSMT placement machine with feeders, ask for configuration list
ElectrovertOmniflo 10reflow ovens
ElectrovertUltrapakin-line wave soldering machines
KirstenK7360 JetWave solderingmachine with 2 convection modules, loader / unloader, 3 x 3.6 mtrs transport
LPKFProtoMat 95S-11PCB plotter, please ask spec’s
MimotAdvantageSMT placement machine with 60 feeders
MPMUP3000 HieScreenprinter
MTAECOSoldering robots, 4-axis, 80 W , wide T-range, Windows
MydataMY-9 and MY-19SMT placement machines with feeders
PhilipsTopaz / EclipseSMT assembly line including 1 Topaz and 1 Eclipse with LCS
SEF540.10 table top reflow oven
SEF548.07reflow oven
TakayaAPT 8400flying probe tester, in-line system with “open pin check”, TOS-3 camera system and WIN NT S/W
TDKVC-21 AvisertRadial inserter w. 80 stations sequencer
UniversalGSM1SMT placement machine, with 20 feeders, please ask spec’s
UniversalGSM2SMT placement machine
Zevatech460 PlaceMatSMT placement machine with automotic transport system, centring station for SI-IC’s and PLCC’s, glue dispenser head, spares package, feeders
Zevatech570 LaserSMT placement machine with 30 feeders
  Note: we have many manuals available, please ask
AgilentHP5DX serial 2X-ray inspection machine, 457 x 602 mm, software 7.1
DiscoDAD 341
DFD 641 / 651
Dicing saws
ESEC3088Wire bonders
  Vintage machines:
PhilipsSMD-lineSurface Mount Circuit Board Line (YOM 1987)
6x MCM VI, 1x HW Glue Flex and 1x Senja SMIC Reflowoven
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