June 2001

Amistar, Fuji, Panasonic, Philips, Quad, Siemens, Suzuki, Universal, Zevatech SMD-machinesfeedersbelt feeders, new, made on order, competitive prices
Alpha, ESEC, K&S, Shinkawabonderswedge bonders (a.o. 1471, 1474 FP), wire bonders (a.o.1484, UTC50), die bonders (a.o. 2006HR, DB-606) etc.
Automation, Electrovert, Systronic, Trieber, WestcleancleanersPCB-cleaners, aqueous, in-line wash plants
AMSLPAS 5500/60Wafer stepper, wafer setup: 200 mm w. 6″ reticle, lense altitude setup: 175 feet, high NA 5x reduction i-line projection lens w. 0,45 micron production solution, broadband field-by-field focus system.
BalzersBAL 600Evaporator
Pull-shear tester
Die-shear tester
Ball-shear teser
DEK265LTScreenprinter, in-line, w. vision, vacuum cleaning, proflow-head
wafer disc saw’s; pls ask spec’s.
DynapertMPS318SMD machine w. 30 feeders 8 mm
FactronS7XX seriesspars for testers: console control, modules, power supplies, RS232 interface, memory boards etc.
FujiCP6-4000chip mounter, w. MCS30 controller, 130 feeders
GenradGR228X seriesCombo II boards for testers
Hewlett-Packard5DX Series II, 5DX Series IIIAutomatic optical inspection system (X-ray machine), Model 5100, UNUSED
Karl SussPA-200waferprober semi-automatic, SPEC chuck PA150/200/W-S/5-150mm, Mitutoyo microscope FS60/FC, IEEE interface tester, 486 PC w. 15″monitor, vacuum pump (dual), pictures available.
PanasertRH6 NM-8204Radial inserter, w. loader/unloader, w. camera, V-cut, 2.5/5.0 mm pitch
PhilipsCSM84VCompact chip mounter, fine pitch and 0603, w. vision, AB head, FG head, only 4500 hrs
QuadQSP-2Chip mounter, left-to-right, font rail fixed, w. feeders
Soltec6521Solder machine, wave type, 270 mm wide, can be extended to 400 mm, tin included, dual wave, pre-heating 1 meter
TeradyneA575Mixed signal tester, configuration availabel
Univeral2596 A, B and CAdd-on modules for sequencers w. rotary heads
Universal6241BSequencer / axial inserter (combo)
Westkleen214RSAqueous cleaner, w. ionisation cabinet w. seperators, filters, pumps & discharge, ionisation water tank, holding tank w. pump & piping